Author: Sherrika

On the Street

On the Street

Kids on the street don’t have anything to eat

And no shoes on their feet

They have no love that comes from above

On the street there’s people in need

That we still can feed,

But their hearts can be torn apart

On the street there are boys from the hood

And boys that don’t do all that good

On the street there’s boys who go to jail

Who never get bail

Your heart gets messed up

Then it puts you to the test

On the street there are girls that are dying

Before they are lying

There are women who open doors

But get shot to the floor

But that is “On the Street”



The love inside is hateful
Hateful is not a word I should use,
But that is what is inside me,
Being hateful is not my style
Being loved is my style
I have to everybody, even god
God help me get through my day
And that is how I feel inside me

Please listen

Please listen

When I ask you to listen to me

and you start giving me advise,

you have not done what I asked

When I ask you to listen to me

and you begin to tell me why

I shouldn’t feel that way

you are trampling on my feelings

When I ask you to listen to me

and you feel you have to do something

to solve my problem,

you have failed me

strange as that may seem

Your Advice is cheap; 20 cents will get

you both Dear Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé Knowles

In the same newspaper

And when that’s clear, the answers are

obvious and I don’t need advice

So please listen, and just hear me

And if you want to talk, wait a minute

for your turn and I will listen to you